Rudy Project Rydon Lens - ImpactX 2Red

Rudy Project Rydon Lens - ImpactX 2Red

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Spare lenses for Rydon glasses


ImpactX lenses are guaranteed unbreakable for life. Their molecular semi-rigid properties ensure unique light management and unparalleled eye protection from sun rays and atmospheric elements. 
Getting dark from low to high light transmission within few seconds and reaching a custom color from an initial clear state, ImpactX unbreakable lenses enhance contrast, improve visual acuity and depth perception.

ImpactX® lenses are 16% lighter than CR-39 and 10% lighter than polycarbonate; they have lower internal stress and chromatic dispersion than polycarbonate, resulting in sharper images, higher definition, reduces “rainbowing”, and more visual comfort. 

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