Giordana Womens AV Bib Tights
Giordana Womens AV Bib Tights
Giordana Womens AV Bib Tights
Giordana Womens AV Bib Tights
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Giordana Womens AV Bib Tights
Giordana Womens AV Bib Tights
Giordana Womens AV Bib Tights
Giordana Womens AV Bib Tights

Giordana Womens AV Bib Tights

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Giordana Womens AV Bib Tights

Super Roubaix Bib Tights with with water resistant Acqua Zero Eco treatment and a wind resistant membrane over the thighs, knees, and shins.

The All-Weather Bib Tight

The Women's AV Bib Tight is designed to pair with all the Acqua+Vento jackets. Utilizing the new water resistant Acqua Zero Eco Super Roubaix, it is ergonomically tailored to fit a rider in the cycling position. The new version of AZ provides more protection, repels water and has a very low absorption rate so it retain less water and therefore remains lighter than untreated fabrics. Even when soaked it retains its breathability aiding in efficient core temperature management.

 A second membrane layer is strategically located over the thigh, knee, and upper shin areas. Placing wind resistant inserts in these strategic areas enhances the fit while preventing the bunching or wrinkling often associated with windfront tights.

Pixel reflective paneling in shin and ankle areas heighten visibility and protect from road spray. The front panel of the bib upper has a front zipper to simplify getting dressed as well as easing the burden when nature calls.


Who's it for?

For the rider who trains in moderate to cold temperatures and may encounter rain and wet conditions.

Super Roubaix with Aqua Zero

Acqua Zero Eco treated Super Roubaix, derived from the water repellant G-Shield Collection, is used throughout. It provides more breathability and reduces overall weight. This time-tested fabric is low profile, hugs the body, and has a soft, smooth surface that is comfortable and warm.

Breathable Membrane

The front panels have a 100% breathable, windproof and waterproof membrane backing the Super Roubaix. The result is an impermeable barrier against the elements. The membrane's breathability allows moisture vapor to escape, facilitating Core Temperature management by preventing overheating.


Reflective accents created via a revolutionary new refractive fabric, Pixel®, provide reflectivity without sacrificing the breathable qualities of the fabric. Additional reflective Giordana logos on both legs increase visibility in low light and inclement weather.

Cirro S-W Chamois

The Acqua+Vento Women's Bib Tight uses the new OmniForm Cirro S-W chamois designed to provide maximum comfort while in the saddle on every ride.

  • Acqua Zero Eco treated SuperRoubaix for water repellency
  • Zippered cuffs
  • Pixel reflective panels on lower legs provides visibility and protection
  • Additional reflective Giordana logos on both legs
  • Cirro S Chamois with Aloe Vera Technology

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