Giordana Toesters Shoe Covers
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Giordana Toesters Shoe Covers

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Giordana Toesters Shoe Covers

Keep your toes toasty with Giordana Neoprene Toesters. These minimalistic booties leave the entire back side of the shoe open and exposed. Providing just enough material to shield out elements from the leading edge of the shoe around the toe area.

The Toesters are Giordana's offers the perfect balance between protection and ventilation for late fall and early spring conditions. Well suited for chilly days in the saddle, where you want the front vents of your shoes covered, but your ankles well ventilated.


Size EU Shoe Size
S 39 - 40
M 41 - 43
L 44 - 46
XL 47 - 49


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