Giordana Heavyweight Knitted Dryarn Arm Warmers

Giordana Heavyweight Knitted Dryarn Arm Warmers

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Super soft Dryarn fabric, a polypropylene material with excellent moisture moving capabilities, draws perspiration quickly away from the body keeping you warm and dry.

The tubular knit of these arm warmers gives the fibers varying densities and follows the contours of the rider's muscles and joints. This results in an extremely comfortable fit and unrestricted movement. The weight of these warmers makes them the perfect seasonal piece, well suited for cooler weather.


  • An advanced construction technique varies the density of fibers during the knitting process
  • Utilizes manufacturing processes used in the construction of seamless base layers
  • Certain locations have a closer knit for more protection and durability, while others require a knit for additional or directional stretch
  • Dryarn fabric keeps you dry and warm
  • Light and soft elastic cuffs that adjust to the body for a snug fit
  • Embroidered Giordana logos on the forearms
  • The few seams are four needle flat-stitched for durability and comfort

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