Corima 47mm WS+ Wheelset - Clincher Shimano

Corima 47mm WS+ Wheelset - Clincher Shimano

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.Introducing the all new Corima Carbon WS+ wheelset The ultimate in performance.

The WS+ wheels combine lightness and beauty.

They are built with the very light carbon 'S+' hubs on which the CORIMA logo is engraved. The front wheel has 18 black CX-Ray 'straight-pull' spokes and the rear wheel has 20 CX/CX-Ray. Each wheel is supplied with a titanium skewer with a carbon lever displaying the CORIMA logo.

Rim is full 3k carbon with a width of 26mm.

47mm depth profile with white 'CORIMA' decals.

Front clincher wheel weighs 655g.

Rear clincher shimano weighs 855g.

*Braking - All Corima rim brake wheels benfit from a specially treated braking surface. The brake track has been modified for enhanced braking during both wet and dry conditions. This visible track also acts as indicator for optimal brake pad positioning for the rim. For best performance download the owners manual from, 'Support' section

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