Campagnolo Record 11spd Ultra Torque Carbon Chainset
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Campagnolo Record 11spd Ultra Torque Carbon Chainset

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Campagnolo Record 11s Crankset 172.5 39-53 

Product Code: FC15-RE293C 0813174



  • Length: 172.5mm
  • Combinations: 39/53
  • Weight: 500g


  • Ultra-Torque Axle - Pressure on the pedals is transmitted efficiently without any power loss.
  • Hollow crank and spider arms with Ultra-hollow technology - Reduced weight of stress – free sections, improved crankset weight to stiffness ratio.
  • Differentiated number of pins depending on the chainring combination - Constant optimum engagement of the chain. Maximum shifting efficiency.
  • Double standardised bolt circle diameter on all combinations - Maximum stiffness and lightness thanks to extension of the carbon fiber crank close to the chainrings with 112 mm for the small bolt circle diameter and 145 mm for the large one.

X.P.S.S.™ Extreme Performance Shifting System. is the acronym that denotes the most effective and efficient system ever, with the absolute best shifting speed and precision even under load.

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